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One More Night... by akira0707
One More Night...
"One more night" Connors says softly trapping you with his caramel eyes...

Unfortunately Connor belongs to Ubi ....poop!
"Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction"

"I'm telling you Leon it really is"

Leon Kennedy stared at the women next to him over the rim of his glass beautiful pale gray eyes filled with mirth.My goodness Leon's eyes were pale, and in the dim ambient light of the bar they almost seemed translucent and framed by dark blond lashes the effect was stunning.He was stunning , you thought as you wrapped your lips around your straw and inhaled the creamy coffee alcohol concoction.Every inch of his tall lean broad shoulder body was breath taking and as your eyes took in the atmosphere around you both you noticed you were not the only one who though so too.He seemed to be capturing the attention of a few mini dresses teetering on five inch heels , you smirked into your glass.

"people wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them in the face"

"So you're telling me we cant be honest with people?" Leon drawled out in that deep tenor that was like warm honey, his voice was a low rumble almost a purr to your ears.


Placing your glass down you turned your full attention to those piercing eyes.

"You have some serious trust issues" he said with a smirk on his lips.

"Oh yeah, OK big shot, when was your last serious relationship?"

You quirked a brow up and gave him your best attempt at a glare, but the playful gleam in your eyes kept the mood and potentially serious question light.Leon licked the alcohol from his lips and stared down at you, your beautiful cheeks flushed with alcohol and the stuffy warm air of the bar.He considered your question seriously thinking back on one disastrous relationship after the other if they could have been called relationships at all.

"See I told you!" you exclaimed

"Hey give me a chance to answer"

"The silence said it all Kennedy"

"You were reading to much into it"

You crossed your arms over your chest making the tight black v neck shirt you wore slide a little lower, making his eyes give a caressing glance before lifting to your eyes once more.

"Face it Leon agents don't get to have love lives outside of agent world"

You  took another heavy drag from your drink already feeling all warm and tingly inside.

"Agent world? " he raised his brow and leaned his tall frame against the counter his head dropping slightly making that light blond hair fall over his high cheek bones.A shadow was cast over those pale eyes of his and his "Haven't shaved in two days" stubble framed those lips that seemed to tilt upwards at the corners.You took another drink to steady the nervous giddy feeling rising up in you.

"We're like some strange government inbreeding program, we're agents we cant have normal lives so we cant meet normal people.Therefore we turn on each other meet other abnormal agents fall in love over bullets and blood and rotting zombie flesh and if we survive we pop out a few little future agents and there you go"

Leon stared at you with an amused look on his face.

"How many drinks have you had?"

You looked down at your drink and pushed it away suddenly flushed with embarrassment at the little rant that was fulled by secret heart ache.

"One to many apparently"

You chewed on your lower lip, a nervous tick that didn't die with puberty and stared out over the crowd,your trained eyes never slept they were always searching always ready, as were Leon's, he had already given the bar several once overs and had the exit within reach if need be.

"You're right though"

His soft words drew your attention back to him.

"We cant live normal lives we cant love the way "normal" people love"

Your lips parted on a breath as Leon stared down at his glass his eyes focused on the little drops of condensation that slid down its length leaving a little wet trail.He smiled a smile that didn't seem to reach his eyes.

"And yeah we do fall in love over bullets and blood and rotting zombie flesh"

He turned to you his piercing gray blue eyes holding you captive.

"But its love non the less no matter how dysfunctional it is, in a way it builds a  twisted bond between two people who have seen and lived too much and share each others pain in a way that others would not understand."

You leaned a little closer to him unconsciously and inhaled his cologne.

"Nothing like a life or death situation to build a relationship on"

You murmured effectively breaking the heavy atmosphere that had fallen on you both.Leon smiled and this time it did reach his eyes, he downed the rest of his drink and signaled the bartender for one more deciding he had reached his drinking limit for the night. You sighed and crossed your legs the high slit of your skirt exposing more of your smooth thigh and Leon had to force his eyes away from that little peek of enticing flesh.He was surrounded by the overt, sensuality was heavy in the air with low necklines and mini dresses that left little to the imagination , yet nothing stirred him like an unconscious crossing of legs did.Maybe it was because you weren't trying to seduce him that it effectively seduced him and it wasn't just him he noted as he caught the leering eyes of a suited man across the bar his eyes fixed on you.You really had no idea how beautiful you were.

"I don't think I'm datable"

Leon thanked the bartender for his drink and turned slightly wide eyes to you.

"What are you talking about?"

He rasped out, maybe a little to harsh judging but the sharp turn of your head to him, just as you we're opening your mouth to reply the suit across the bar decided to make his move.Brave son of a bitch, the agent though , sure he had not made any move indicating you were with him but still you were here with him having an interesting conversation and the idea of another man hitting on you didn't sit well with him.You fallowed Leon's gaze and tensed a bit as a tall well built man wearing a dark suit and tie sauntered over .Sure he was good looking but not as good looking as the blond beside you, the man didn't make your tummy flip like Leon did didn't make your cheeks burn with one look, didn't make you feel lush and sexy.It was fast and sudden your realization and it almost felt like slow motion watching the man approach, and from the corner of your eye you saw Leon turn away giving you the space he  thought you wanted and your heart sank at that . You didn't want space not from him you wanted his eyes fixed on you his whole attention captured by the any silly thing that popped into your head.Still you forced a smile on your lips weak as it was.

"Hi there beautiful"

The man was cocky surrounded by a suffocating arrogance, you fought the urge to roll your eyes.


"Can I buy you another drink"

The man reclined against the spot Leon had previously been standing on, although he was right behind the suit slightly turned from you, yet you could still feel his amusement.And when you turned to face the bar you caught his eyes reflected by the mirror behind the dozens of alcohol bottles and your heart skipped a beat.

"No thank you Ive reached my limit"

The man frowned at you before he hid it with a cocky smile obviously not used to hearing no,so he tried again.

"So what brings a pretty women like you here?"

You smiled sinisterly big.

"Work actually , man it was a hard week"

You shifted again and felt your skirt ride up higher and judging from the mans lingering eyes on your crossed legs it must have been much appreciated.He smiled at you his eyes taking a temporary detour on your cleavage before meeting yours, Leon shifted where he stood nothing gone unnoticed by his trained eyes, eyes that you felt on you like a warm caress over your body.It sent a jolt of giddy pleasure through you knowing that he was watching you so intently.The man must have seen your change in posture and the slight flush on your cheeks, you felt lush and sensual and the idiot must have thought it was because of him.Ha!.

"Oh yeah?, so what do you do that has a beautiful woman like you so stressed"

The suit leaned in closer to you the smell of alcohol on him was pungent and gross, funny on Leon the scent of alcohol was sexy and alluring.Speaking of the blond your eyes meet  his again one more time and lingered for a second longer than was polite, you gave him a small smile and turned on your uninvited guest.

"I work for the government actually"

Your smile grew bigger as you watched Leon turn slightly but sharply to you again, the suit smirked.

"Social worker, DVM...?" he said tauntingly taking a drink from his glass.

"No actually , I work for the secret service under the presidents command"

You held the mans gaze with a slight smile on your lips, and from your peripheral vision saw Leon shift, the suit let out a roaring laugh at that.

"Oh sure you what you're like James Bond or something"

He cracked himself up again and you smiled.

"No I work for the D.S.O, we fight bio terrorism"

The man laughed harder at you and now you felt Leon turn completely your eyes meet his and you felt a jolt of awareness go through you, he was smiling and shaking his head.

"Oh baby ...this is a first..."

"What is?"

You feigned seriousness.

"You're a funny one"

Now you drooped the smile putting on your game face the one you wore at briefings on the latest bio terrorism outbreak the one you wore when loading your gun nodding at Leon and jumping into danger.

"I'm not joking"

You said in a low voice.

"I carry a 9mm on me at all times and take my orders directly from the commander in chief himself, I have busted numerous caps into the brains of B.O.W's or for your civilian sake Bio organic weapons....zombies.I have entered war zones the likes of which you have only seen in movies and seen things that Hollywood is yet to put on film"

You heard Leon scuff into his drink.

"I most likely have PT SD and spend an our in the shower after my missions trying to get zombie and monster shit out of my hair"

The man had gone silent his eyes growing slightly wide, you dropped the game face and smiled up at the man charmingly.

"So think you can handle me big boy"

The man stepped back frowning and shook his head he stared at you for a minute before he spoke.

"You're crazy...."

He started walking backwards seemingly unable to put enough space between the two of you.

"you didn't have to make all that shit up you could have just said you wanted to be left alone...shit"

He turned and walked away and as he did Leon heard him mumble.

"I knew I shouldn't have come here, this close to D.C ...crazy people"

Then over the loud rumble of constant bar talk and music you heard the most beautiful sound,Leon laughed.It wasn't a chuckle or a scuff it was a hearty laugh that pulled a smile from your lips in return.

"I told you, truth is stranger than fiction"

Leon shook his head and gave you a look you had not seen your partner give before.It was soft gentle almost dreamy his eyes bore into yours so deeply the bar seemed to fade into the background and all that was left were the two of you.He moved closer to you and devoured you with his eyes and again that sensual lush feeling came to you.The spell was thick and heavy the air filled with his scent that delicious cologne he wore and the scent of pure male that clung to him, It was HIS scent.A glass shattered and the spell was broken and both of you pulled back a little startled.

"Its getting late maybe we should head out"

He said his voice thick and low....sensual.

"yeah good idea"

Was all you could say, the night was cool and breezy the moon high and bright over the sky, you made it to your car and you turned to face him.

"Thank you for taking me out tonight and getting me out of my apartment....and for the drinks"

You blushed a little, he was just so beautiful in that blue button down and vest he wore and those tight designer jeans hugged his powerful thighs to perfection it all made you feel light headed.He shook his head and smirked.

"It was pleasure"

And a gentlemen to boot, you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and nodded again biting your lower lip only this time you watched his smokey eyes drop to your lips and stay there.You unconsciously released it, then licked it and you saw his chest begin to rise and fall a little faster, oh man, you cleared your throat and laughed to yourself.

"see I told you...completely un datable"

Leon meet your eyes and moved closer effectively pinning you to your car , his strong large hand came to rest at your neck and you swore he burned you there with his touch.His hand almost engulfing your entire neck while the other pushed a stray strand from your eyes fingers lingering over your cheek bones.You felt the sudden rush of liquid heat between your legs as your heart beat frantically against your chest dizzy and intoxicated you were, but it wasn't the alcohol it was Leon.

"I would date you"

He said with a smirk before his soft warm lips were on your own
Truth Is Stanger Than Fiction

Just a little Reader/ Leon fic , also posted on Archive of our own, I hope you enjoy.

Hi everyone, I just want to give everyone a huge thank you for all the lovely support you give, I know im not on as much as I would like to be but that doesent mean all of you dont mean the world to me.I have had a rough couple of weeks culminating to the loss of  my preciouse, special , best friend in the whole wide world, my Lab.He was 13 years old and passed warm and loved in his bed, I cant begin to express the grief I feel or the whole that is left with his passing.I loved him so so so much, he was a gift to me and my family he was the most spoiled loved doggy in the world, he was a blessing a precious gift from heaven above and through the pain I give thanks for him being in my life.Everytime I miss him I simply tell him that I will see him soon so save a space for me and have his toys out and ready to play.I love you Charlie I love you so much.
Through the hard times I hope you see why reading the coments and favorites and watches realy do mean a lot to me, I am humbled and grateful and I will try to post as often as I can.So if you have sent me a private message and I didnt get back with you please please dont think I ignored you, and to prove that I bring a peace offering....more pics ; ) .


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